Listeners Still Count On Us

11 03 2011

A listener called the morning show this morning and asked me if I knew how close the earthquake and tsunami in Japan were to Yokozuna because she had a family member there.  I attempted to do a little searching online and tried to help her as best I could with the brief amount of time I had before the break.  Before she hung up, she commented that “you guys were the only ones I could think of that would know.”  Wow.  As a Program Director and air personality, it really made me stop and think about how important radio truly is to our listeners.  Such a short, quick statement like that reassures me that local terrestrial radio is not dead or dying.  But…I believe we owe to our listeners to provide entertaining, compelling local content and when a call like this comes in don’t blow them off or let ego take over but give them that brief moment to show them that there is a reason why they thought to call the radio station FIRST.




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