“Use Your Radio Voice”

10 04 2011

It never fails, when a family member or friend or even just a stranger that I’ve been introduced to meets me and finds out who I am or that I’m in radio the first thing they say is…”Say something in your radio voice.”  This always kind of bothers me somewhat and I try to explain to them that the voice I’m talking to them in at that moment IS my radio voice.  But they always still need to here me say my slogan and call letters or the name of my morning show to verify that indeed I am Scott Michaels, the guy on the radio.  I’ve now been in my current market about 15 years and so people recognize me quite often by my voice both in person and over the phone.  That to me is one of the greatest compliments you can receive as a radio person.  The way you sound and talk on the radio should be the same way you sound and talk to your friends and family.  The days of putting one hand up to your right ear and “turning on your radio voice” are long gone.  As my good friend John Paul always says…”I want to sound like the neighbor that will bring you a cold beer on a hot day while you’re out mowing the lawn.”  When you’re on the air, be yourself and use your everyday voice.  That IS your radio voice.




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