The Customer Experience

28 06 2011

I was reading Fred Jacobs’ blog and he was talking about CX – Customer Experience.   As a Program Director/Brand Manager, I began to think about the role I play in providing the best CX for the listeners of my radio station.  It’s imperative that the entire programming staff understand the mission of the radio station and who their audience is so that we can provide the best customer experience possible when they tune in.  Here’s some questions to ponder:

-What is the mission of your radio station?

-Are you meeting the expectations of your listeners every time they tune in?

-Is your station fun, local and relatable?

-Do your contests make sense and are they easy to play along?

-Are you playing the hits versus the misses?

-Is the airstaff talking about things important to your P1’s?

If you haven’t done a “CX Checkup” lately, maybe now is a good time.