Know Your Listener

21 04 2011

Regardless of format, always run everything you plan to do on air through the “who cares?” filter.  That filter should be specific to your demographic.  That means you have to know who it is you are talking to when you crack the mic.  Your P1 listener might be a 35 year old female with two kids and an SUV or a 40 year old male that has a Harley and a dog.  Whatever the scenario, the criteria of the content you generate has to be relevant to your target listener.  Now, let’s take it a step further.  Let’s go beyond just a mental picture of that listener.  Think about what that person’s life might be like.  What kinds of things are they dealing with on a daily basis that might drive them to your radio station for a release.  Let’s say you work for a country station and your target listener is that 35 year old female we mentioned earlier.  Beyond what she might look like or drive, what might she encounter daily.  It could be that she is so busy constantly running kids here and there that she doesn’t have the time she would like to keep the house clean and cook a nutritious meal a few times a week.  Thinking about things like this could be the foundation for a promotion that offers her a chance to win house cleaning for a year and dinner out once week.  Doing these kinds of exercises is essential in becoming a top level air talent, and if you are a Program Director why not hold regular sessions with your jocks to create a listener filter.  You will find that the personal connection you make with listeners will generate a loyal audience and brand your station and air talent as more than just a “dj.”