Facebook Promotions-Be Careful

3 10 2011

Well, it’s great to be back with a new post after a short hiatus.  One thing that has popped up on Facebook recently that hasn’t gotten nearly the amount of press as the layout and functionality changes is their rules for running contests and promotions.  And for those of us in the radio business, one of the biggest ways we have been using our Facebook page to give away a pair of tickets or other prize is against their policy…”Likes.”  According to the new Facebook promotion guidelines, you cannot ask friends or others to “like” your page in order to play or win a contest.  You also cannot have them “leave a comment” to be eligible to participate.  But you see it going on everyday, and not only on radio station websites.  Use caution, FB could suspend or delete your account.  Here’s a link to Facebook’s “Promotion Guidelines.”


Is Facebook Your Station Website?

8 03 2011

I was reading Jaye Albright’s blog the other day about station websites and whether we should ditch them or not.  This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and I believe the role of our main radio station website has changed drastically.  Let’s face it, our Facebook accounts/pages have actually become our station website. 
The ability to interact quickly and directly with your listeners is one of the ultimate features of having a station Facebook page.  Also, the ability to upload pictures from an onsight event then and there right from your smartphone is a great feature.  No more bringing the station camera back after an appearance, putting the memory card in the reader on your PC, uploading photos, resizing them in photoshop and then posting to the station website or sending them to your webmaster and waiting.  DJ blogs and photo galleries are two of the least viewed pages on radio statio websites yet we spend so much time worrying about keeping that “content” up-to-date.  I think we need to turn our station websites into very basic and easy to navigate info portals with plenty of general information about the radio station and its advertisers and continue to utilize Facebook as the interactive portal to our listeners.